I believe we are at an inflection point in our society. In the past, Photography without words could offer a form of truth. That idea is now dead as today artificial intelligence allows almost anyone to create almost any image instantly without any truth or story behind it. I pair poetry with images to tell a story in a deliberate attempt to maintain truth. Images without a story or words no longer offer truth.  
My photography and poetry delve into the realm of nature, where wild spaces and human existence intersect. In a world increasingly made of concrete and screens, the honesty and beauty of nature is often overlooked and eroded. Nature’s beauty is a constant force, a reminder of our connection to the earth and our own humanity.
I am drawn to the light, particularly in morning in the aftermath of a storm. The ephemeral light that fills the horizon and forest canopy during these times of transition is a kiss from the Universe.  This “spirit light” is a reminder that nature is a source of healing and beauty. It is a moment to stop and take in the radiance of the world around us. I seek to capture this essence, what is hidden yet persists despite the sapien effect.  
A lifelong naturalist, I have been called a hero, survivor and inspirational. For more about me, see my blogs.    
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