Evolution's Welcoming Gate

In this place, the less words the better. That you are here, that you removed all complications to make the trek; the sunburned grins of exhaustion speak their own depth of reason. A place to think, a place to feel free and share the ear to ear smile's joy of a perfect place - no cell phones, no tablets, away from all pretext. Inhibition slips away. Swimming naked in cold lakes that kiss the sky, together sharing what is real, our last wonders, the stars, food, clean air, and our bodies. A happy space where every moment is a new poem so perfect you don’t care write it down or take a picture of it. 

Shooting star nights
Lake swimming early dawn
Smiling green meadows
Mid-day sweat cooled by afternoon thundershowers
River happy fish
Waterfall spray rainbow dawn
Springs flowing forth from pure meadow grasses
The Eagle sitting by the stream, still
The deep hues of Sapphire Lake

What did we run from to get here? It’s never the same but we still find room to share the trail. Sweat, pain, love, joy, a new beginning in the moist air of the rainbow misted waterfall. How far are you going matters, but just being here gets you into the club. Busting out your love for each other on the trail to tomorrow then dancing on the edge of Sunset cliffs quieted from the days lightening blasts. How can this silence have such mind expanding beauty? Is it because it provides a way to calm the pain of ducking messages all day that tell us what to eat, what to watch and how to pray? You have seen it, you have heard about it, so why go to the effort is takes? 

You can’t live life through someone else in a reality show, the story is to thin and someone has always got to go. But that is not how we share this pure space. How such vastness can give you a more welcoming embrace then the castles walls put up by those that you know and should care? Natures healing arms, always welcoming, greeting you like a lover, unquestioning and beaconing with sweet smells - sunlit Ponderosa pine, meadow onion, golden rod and mountain sage. The mirror is not your friend here- it’s only good to show the salt encrusted memories of things you run hard from, but the trail is strictly about moving forward. Leading to a love so fiery the only thing that can cool it down is a sunset hot spring in the middle of a forest canyon meadow.

In this light dancing stillness, Nature is so powerful and strong that if you fully listen it will change you. I believe that is why people hike alone - Rebecca from Mono, Midnight from New York, and Bear from Texas. Sitting silent next to the perfectly pure taste of the glacial meadow's spring fountain, kissing the Granite truth at the head-waters of the tomorrow, they come. To be alone, but also for the high-def truth of the campfire ring, speaking only peace, not to hear ourselves talk, but to share the voice inside, that painful silent part of us we seldom share but which is the best part, the one that can truly change us all. Give silence, give peace, give joy, and find your place to be one, here, now.
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