We want to give essential care, first respondents and  the class of 2020 their voice and due respect. We need to make a stand for our community. We can and have done some special things in supporting and caring for each other.  We have been here for each other, thanks! But for the class of 2020 lets do something big!  This class of graduates are like no others in what they have experienced and deserve all our support. As such, lets support them by having fun and maybe breaking a record or two? Guinness puts the World Record for people simultaneous howling at 803.  
On grad night, which town can beat that?  We are calling on every citizen who is able to join voices in a world record howl on May 30th 8 pm in each time zone. Like New Years, lets roll it from East coast to West coast at 8 PM in each time zone.  Howl to properly honor our graduates, essential care workers, fellow neighbors and citizens for the support and courage during these challenging times. 
Grads who want to participate could could be in-front of their homes / apartments at 8 in their cap and gowns, or just at home and towns can step to howl with and for them! 
Ideally we would have resources to promote and coordinate this effort.  Can the schools participate at some level?  
Who knows a corporate sponsor or social influencer to help give visibility and support? Any takers?   
Robert, dogs and team   
And now a message from our current lead sponsors
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